I was born in Manchester in 1976, and brought up in Denton. I attended St. Mary’s nursery and primary school (1979–1987) and St Thomas More High School (1987–1992) in Denton; and Xaverian 6th form college (1992–1995) in Victoria Park, Manchester. I completed a BSc.Econ in Sociology at Cardiff University (1998), and a MA in Criminology at Keele University (1999).

I moved to London in 2000, and returned to Manchester in 2014. I have been employed in the criminal justice system, central and local government, the voluntary sector, and as a consultant. I have designed and facilitated numerous lessons for schools and colleges; and workshops for councils, government agencies, and community organisations.

I have been invited to advise, speak at, and work with schools, colleges, universities, community organisations, religious groups, and inter-faith networks.

At a local government level I devised the first military covenant in Greater London. I promoted housing and mental health provision for veterans, and increased awareness of the contribution of veterans from around the world.

I have presented at the both the British Society of Criminology and the American Society of Criminology conferences on research that I had undertaken with colleagues on police accountability on behalf of the government, and was a guest speaker at the Royal British Legion inaugural conference on military covenants.

I have provided one-to-one support for participants in employee and university mentoring programmes. I was the principal research, strategy, and policy consultant to an international youth justice association.

I sat on the independent advisory group of the City of London police, the Race Hate Crime Forum of the Metropolitan Police Authority, and served on the editorial board of the African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS – Growing vegetables, Family history, Walking in the countryside, Learning while travelling, Writing and performing poetry

Why Vermilion Bee?

– Denton’s crest contains red and black.
– My borough of Tameside has red in its crest, as does Manchester.
– Bees are also found on Manchester’s crest.
– The Red Rose is the symbol of the county of Lancashire.
– Both the English and Union flags contain red.
– I am an alumni of Cardiff University and Keele University.
– Both of their logo’s have red in them.
– The vermillion bird is a symbol from Chinese astronomy.
– It is similar to a dragon and a phoenix.
– I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon – 1976.
– Over the past decade I have recovered from serious health issues.

Subjects covered

– Anti-racism
– British history
– Citizenship
– Community cohesion
– Counter-extremism
– Criminal justice
– Disabilities
– Economic history
– Global awareness
– Growing fruit and veg at home
– Health and wellbeing
– Inter faith
– Local history
– Mental health
– Music
– Poetry and spoken word
– Social history
– Truancy and attendance
– World history

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