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Last Sunday I was travelling home from Manchester on the 201 bus. As we passed Ardwick Green Park, I noticed the early signs of spring. Daffodils and snowdrops dotted the park’s lawns.

This means for the region’s bees that they can come out of hibernation and get to work. This seemed as ideal a time as any to launch vermilion bee.

You’ll note from the cues on other sections of this website that bees are symbolic locally. They are at the head of the crest of the city of Manchester and were abundant in the reactions to our loss of 22 people in the 2018 attack.

They’re much more visible now, whether through artwork, pendants, tattoos, and fashion. To me they also are also about my love of the local countryside and wildlife.

As someone who grows vegetables, I’m reliant on them and other pollenators for an abundant harvest. They also play a key role in the natural beauty of the north-west of England.

We are lucky that we have world-class cities, stunning countryside, and nature reserves all on our doorstep. One such place is Pendle Hill, home to the Buzzard, Dotterel, Grouse, Little Owl, Meadow Pipit, Partridge, Short-eared Owl, Skylark, Sparrowhawk, and Kestrel.

Pendle Hill is just one of many sites of natural – and historical – significance. I will explore these areas, starting with the north-west of England, in the audio-visual section, and future editions of this blog.

They will cover local history, cultural landmarks, and provide inspiration for walking-tours, school trips, or days out for families. Exploring our local habitats, countryside, and nature reserves is great for learning, but also for mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Speaking of which, our local kestrel chicks will soon be hatching. Like the bees fresh out of their hives and nests. Another cycle of life to circle the skies.

Welcome to vermilion bee. Feel free to contact me about any of the work I do, or for further resources on any of the topics I cover.

Have a great week,


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